Catalizador Belvís

A project by Arrokabe arquitectos.

The intervention focuses on the rehabilitation of an old dryer that was part of a tannery, located in the grounds of the existing fleet, for a cultural center with a very open program.

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The only remaining original building masonry walls were protected by a provisional cover.


The project supports to masonry walls a wooden volume that can be accessed from a platform and that is also a lookout over the park. This arrangement allows a permeability which establishes a direct relationship between the building and the outside and suggests various possibilities of use.




Inside, the wooden structure and decking boards are serially arranged, recalling the character of the building outside.



Arrokabe’s proposal recovers the volume of the original cover, gable, based on traces marking the slabs that solved the game of it with the front wall.


It wasn’t about to reconstruct of the entire volume, thus emphasizing the character of the park as an open unfinished piece.