Backstage Portraits

A few years ago I worked on this small project around portraiture and how musicians feel after finishing their shows

Ian Svenonius by Luis Díaz Díaz

"I feel good... well... I feel I could have done it better"

Ian Svenonius (The Make Up)

Dustin Wong (Ponytail) by Luis Díaz Díaz

"I feel very sweaty... and I usually run around saying weird stuff 'cause I have a lot of energy"

Dustin Wong (Ponytail)

Julián (Triángulo de amor bizarro) by Luis Diaz Diaz

"Out of place... I feel out of place"

Julián (Triángulo de amor bizarro)

Zombie Girl (Messer Chups) by Luis Diaz Diaz

"I want to make love"

Zombie Girl (Messer Chups)

Darren Hayman (Hefner) by Luis Diaz Diaz

"I'm usually very busy in my mind thinking about going to sell T-Shirts and cds"

Darren Hayman (Hefner)

Manolo (Rosvita) by Luis Díaz Díaz

"I want to take a shower and drink a beer"

Manolo (Rosvita)

Mimmi (Those Dancing Days) by Luis Diaz Diaz

"I feel like... Wow! What happened! Sweaty... happy... and confused"

Mimmi (Those Dancing Days)

Eric Copeland (Black Dice) by Luis Diaz Diaz

"I feel fine... just a little bit worried about a pain in my back 'cause I spend all the time like... bended, you know? I need to go to the doctor"

Eric Copeland (Black Dice)


"I feel like coming from one world into another"

Tom (Scum)


"I feel released, like after an orgasm"

Yago (Mujeres)